To engage fully with this ever changing and fast moving world, one needs an open mind and an understanding that what was the case yesterday may not be the same tomorrow.

RHH llc, RHahn Holdings, is a privately held and international furniture holding company formed in 2012, but our origins lie in the furniture industry for contract, hospitality and residential since 1975. The years have defined our business model to three elements that shape RHH, llc today.

  • Integrity. – The strong family values and morals that shape our teams.
  • Flexibility – The agility to change and adjust to customer expectations and demands.
  • Globalization – as a made in the USA domestic manufacturer with a global Mind for innovation, merchandising and expansion.

Careful analysis of the cyclical markets is key to how we stay ahead in business. Markets change, fashions change, consumers change, sectors evolve and develop, So we apply a consistent, strategic mission to investments domestically and to our global supply chain so we can continue increasing our added value for our core customers.

These are challenges for any business. It calls for dedication, energy and vision. we have always built businesses that can move, adjust and react. We commit our talent at RHH, llc for our consumers and try to present the world with a responsible vision of the progressive furniture companies of tomorrow.